How to get more time out of each day

You may have heard the saying that you have the same 24 hours as everyone else on earth. You have the same 24 hours as Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and Michael Jordan, so you better use them to the best of your ability. The problem is not the lack of hours in the day, it is that your time is not very well organized, you are not making good use of the limited time you have every day. To get more time out of each day, learn to say no, start early, and repeat what works.

As soon as you feel comfortable saying no to new opportunities, choices, and distracting tasks, the better. I’m definitely not saying that you should say no to a new opportunity, but if you have a business that is making you money and you go astray for a business opportunity or a project that has nothing to do with this and that is bad for you. I know many people who are always approached for different offers or products and opportunities and will agree to something they do not want to agree to for fear of angering someone else. It’s completely okay to tell someone no, I don’t have time right now, no, I’ll get to that later or not, that doesn’t fit with what I’m doing now. Your time is yours and if someone wants to steal your time, that shouldn’t be something you agree with.

The next thing to do is start early and I mean that in a number of ways. You can start early in the day, start early in the week, and start early on any project. I found that when I get up an hour earlier to get things done, I will get a lot more done compared to staying up an hour later. For some reason, if we are burning the midnight oil, so to speak, and we are taking more time to complete something we feel rushed, we feel too much pressure and we are not happy. But if you have the attitude that you are finishing something early, early, you are being smarter than the average person, then now you are growing and moving forward. Instead of working late, start early in the day and finish your easy tasks so you don’t have to worry about projects down the road.

As you make this steady progress you are being productive, what you need to do is keep repeating what works and stop repeating what doesn’t. This means that if you actively maintain ten different websites and only two of them are making money, then you should spend most, if not all of your time, on those two sites that make you the most money, and grow and build them because life too it is. brief to maintain two income-generating sites and eight non-income generating sites. Focus on what makes you money and stop repeating those nasty patterns of spending your time on sites that don’t make you money. Repeat what works, stop repeating what doesn’t.

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