5 types of car air fresheners

Sweet-scented car air fresheners have the ability to quickly tame many bad smells to provide a fresh-smelling sanctuary for the most enjoyable car ride. Well-chosen air fresheners can produce a pleasant scent that is powerful enough to remove odors related to smoking, takeout, or other bad smells. Here are five of the best car air fresheners on the market:


The air freshener can style is similar to sticky gel and consists of a metal or plastic can containing a sweet smelling fragrant gel pack. The can has a top section with adjustable holes that make it easy to determine the amount of fragrance to be released at any one time. While these products have the potential to last longer than most sticky gel products, they are still not very effective at removing stronger vehicle odors.


Plug-in air fresheners are a popular choice and consist of an oil-based compound that is contained within a plastic housing. They are designed to plug into the electrical outlet on the dash and begin to emit a fragrance once the oil-based compound is heated. This add-on is great for strong odors and soon fills the entire car with a fragrant fragrance.


The spray type of air freshener is quick and easy to use. The liquid-gaseous fragrance of these air fresheners comes in a pressurized can that can be sprayed when an unpleasant odor is perceived. Aerosol air fresheners are not the most durable and will need to be sprayed at regular intervals if the strongest odors are expected to be blocked.

Sticky gel

Sticky gel air fresheners are made with a solid, sticky type of gel that contains the fragrant oil. This type of air freshener easily adheres to any dry surface inside the vehicle without the need for adhesive. Also, because it does not rely on air vents or other form of propulsion, it is not as effective in removing the strongest odors inside the vehicle. One positive aspect of fragrant oil is the ability to last longer than aerosol products, paper, or cardboard.


The inexpensive solution to keep your vehicle smelling fresh are hanging cardboard air fresheners. They are designed to hang from the rear view mirror and are made of scented cardboard. While scented cardboard products are quite durable, they are not the most effective in controlling the most noticeable or unpleasant odors inside the vehicle.

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