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zorocabs provides the taxis in hyderabad for the customers where the taxi owners registered on the website and made available to the customers when the customers search for taxis near me or taxi services then the results will be available and they can search taxi drivers and get taxi service.

taxis to travel:

These taxis are available 24/7 for three locations, hyderabad, banglore and chennai, for local area travel and remote station also available. With in India, the customer can go anywhere with a minimal fee and a comfortable and safe journey.

soon to be available across india zorcabs will be available to the public soon..

so enjoy the future trip, safe and comfortable trip.

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The sample size for this study is 120. Primary data is collected through a structured questionnaire and secondary data is collected through reliable newspapers, magazines, and websites, etc. The geographic location of the respondents is Hyderabad, which is in the state of Telangana. Organized can rental service is provided in Hyderabad by nationally and internationally renowned organizations like Ola and Uber etc. Simple random sampling methodology is used for the primary data collected. Respondents in this study should have consumed taxi services in the last six months and should have booked the taxi through the mobile application on their smartphones. The demographic variables considered in this study are age group, occupation and gender. The constructs of this study are innovation, price awareness, and coupon redemption. The items of each construct are adopted from published scales (Bearden & Netemeyer, 1999). The items under each construct are modified according to the need for this study. Items for each construct were measured using an anchored Likert-type scale with ‘1’ for strongly disagree and ‘5’ for strongly agree. Statistical techniques such as descriptive statistics, correlation analysis and regression. For data analysis, the statistical software SPSS version 20 is used. The hypotheses were formulated using the research objectives of this study.

This study covers factors such as innovation, price awareness, and coupon redemption behavior. There may be other factors influencing consumers in the selection of taxi services that are not covered in the study. This study had not covered the influence of demographic characteristics on other psychographic variables.

many studies indicate that the use of mobile applications and less prices are preferred



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