Why are organic social media fans important to MLM success?

MLM success is fun and profitable, but there is a dark side that has led people to do unethical marketing. It’s fun to watch social accounts rise in popularity, however it can be done the wrong way. Organic social growth is the only way to go. Most of the social media sites look for black tactics that allow the accounts to grow at a rapid rate and many of the followers do not exist. They can cause problems for your account, especially when you are sharing content.

Your MLM success is based on attracting and retaining potential customers and turning them into teammates. If social media sites discover you using unethical means to create your account, they will likely warn you before closing your account. That’s not the worst, most search engines especially Google are keeping an eye on this too and will punish your content or website for bad social growth. Social media traffic now weighs heavily on search engines. This means that your social media content is ranked higher in search engines than ever.

Building Organic Social Media Fans for MLM Success

You need to have organic followers to earn search engine rankings now. This is the only acceptable method of staying “clean” with Google. You should never pay for followers. It’s hard enough to separate the fake fans from the real ones. However, the real ones will interact with you from time to time. In some cases, most of the time they do love your content and you respond to them.

To build future MLM success, you know you need to be responsive, create lovable content, and be available in the online and offline world. Your content will come in different styles and flavors because no two prospects are the same on your journey. The content must touch your pains and your stage of travel. Once you have your campaign outline, you can develop short and long-form content to help you achieve results. Be open to game changers, sometimes you may need to throw a curve ball instead of a straight. You can include a webinar or workbook to make things more attractive or simple.

Interacting with your fans is great for spreading your messages over the Internet. They already like some of your stuff, so why not give them something for free? This can help you get new sources of traffic and fans.

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