The Jarvis Method, Good Story Structure, and StoryCraft

As a fiction writer, I’ve found that one of the hardest parts of creating a story is not in the writing process, but in finding the best structure to tell the story. Most movie scripts use the three-act structure, sometimes adding a prologue and epilogue which essentially makes it a five-act structure in the storytelling process.

But there is more to the structure of the story than just its acts: beginning, middle, and end. The Jarvis method uses what all the “great myths and literary classics of civilization have in common”, a well plotted and structured story.

Taking cues from Joseph Campbell’s “Hero with a Thousand Faces,” the Jarvis Method asks you questions about your characters, their adversaries, their ordinary and extraordinary worlds, and more. It helps you build a plot, themes and conflicts as it helps in full character development. Your story becomes better thanks to this method. It doesn’t write your story for you, it helps you realize your full potential.

StoryCraft, StoryCraft Luxury, and StoryCraft Screenplay software use these elements to help design the structure of your story. You will not find the Jarvis Method in any other type of software as it is proprietary to this software.

John Jarvis, a member of the Writer’s Guild of America, who also wrote screenplays while working in Hollywood, is one of the creators of this software. He designed the Jarvis Method to work with his software creating these mythological premises that are found in today’s good stories and movies.

The writers argue about the validity of the “Hero’s Journey” in the current story, but it still works: the proof is in the pudding. The blockbuster “Avatar” uses these mythological principles in telling its story. It works because these mythological archetypes are present in our unconscious and resonate deeply with the movie fan or reader as they enjoy the story.

Deep myths and archetypes go beyond cultural or social borders and touch something inside all of us, no matter what country we are in. That’s why “Avatar” is a huge hit, because it’s in tune with the myth buried within: the “Hero’s Journey.”

It doesn’t matter if your story is fantasy, sci-fi, drama, true story or epic, the “Hero’s Journey” works with all of them.

Find out how easy it is to use this software and add the “Hero’s Journey” to your story by clicking the link below to see a demo of how it works.

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