The gentlest ways to cleanse your body

It is important to know the gentlest ways of cleansing your body so that you can keep it clean on a regular basis and avoid the harmful consequences that come from jolting your body with abrupt change. I am predisposed to hypoglycemia, a condition that keeps blood sugar low, so fasting is out of the question for me. Every time I try, I pass out and my vision goes weird after a short while. I love using these cleaning methods and I think you will too.

Exfoliate and soak

Your skin, your epidermis, is the largest organ in your body and has the same capacity to store toxins as any other. According to a doctor, Dr. Hazel Parcells, 65% of body cleansing is done through this organ. In order to allow toxins to leave your body through your pores, you need to remove any dead skin and residual product that may be clogging them. Using a body scrub, such as a sugar scrub, or a loofah of your choice are effective ways to remove dead skin and debris from your body. Be sure to thoroughly exfoliate every inch to allow your body to do its job and meet you halfway through this cleansing effort.

Before or after the exfoliation, you can create a detoxifying bath of baking soda and Epsom salt. Baking soda is responsible for relieving exposure to contaminated food, swollen glands, and any pain related to the mouth. It can also aid digestion and other forms of inflammation. Epsom salt is beneficial for the health of the heart and the circulatory system. It can lower blood pressure and improve nerve function by regulating electrolytes. It is also well known for relieving joint pain, muscle tension, and bruises. Epsom salt can also help the body to release harmful substances and medicines from the body.

Drink Lots of H2O

According to recent research, you should only drink the same amount of H2O as when you’re thirsty, but if you’re going to soak in the aforementioned tub, you should drink fluids while you detox that way. You may feel tired or dehydrated during or after your bath, so make sure someone is home and you don’t need to be anywhere for a while. As far as daily water intake, start to intentionally hydrate throughout the day and find out how much you naturally drink when you’re thirsty. Some recommend that you drink half your weight in ounces. It is certainly an important piece to the puzzle of your health because we are made up of 70% water and both our brain and heart are made up of 73%.

Green tea, infused water

Green tea detoxifies your body with its antioxidants, the same way a recipe for infused water would. Antioxidants really only support your body’s own ability to detoxify. The antioxidant in green tea is called polyphenols and it fights free radicals, cells in the body that need to be eradicated before they can cause damage. It also encourages other systems in the body to detoxify, but in this article we’ll keep it simple. If you’re not a fan of caffeine right now, a good alternative is a fruit-infused water and there are several antioxidant-heavy recipes on the web.

Small dietary adjustments

Certain foods are harder to digest than others, and of course, every body is different in this regard. Everyone has their own tolerances and sometimes allergies to certain food groups or ingredients. When you’re sick and can’t keep food down, some will tell you to cut back on the BRAT diet. BRAT stands for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast, some foods known for ease of digestion and other benefits. To get a broader idea of ​​what your specific body tolerates, you can try doing an elimination diet. One I’ve done is called a Low FODMAP (fermentable oligo, disaccharide, monosaccharide, and polyol) diet. The acronym is named after some common carbohydrates that are known to be hard to digest, so start with the foods with the lowest FODMAP score and introduce the harder-to-digest foods little by little to find out how your body reacts. You can also simply log your diet and how you feel after eating each meal and over the next few days, and you can make some amazing discoveries.

Guided Meditation

Your physical body and your emotional body are more interconnected than you ever imagined, so part of your cleansing should also include mental cleansing. A passive way to clear your subconscious is to indulge in a guided meditation. The sounds of nature and deep breathing to flood your cells with oxygen are also nice additions. You can find a wide variety of guided meditations with different approaches on YouTube. Try a different one every day or night and save the ones you like in a playlist dedicated to your mind cleanses.

regular daily

Another way to get rid of your unwanted thoughts and feelings is to put them down on paper. Buy a journal for this specific purpose and promise that you won’t care what or how you write in it. If you run out of things to write about, you can Google ‘365 days of journal prompts’.

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