The 4 essential qualities of a leader

Lin Bothwell in “The art of leadership“He points out that two qualities distinguish true leaders. One, they have a dream that they are determined to fulfill. Second, more than dreamers they are people of action.

In the workplace, we have managers and their managers. But where are the leaders? It is difficult to find a good leader. At a certain point, you will see a flash of excellence. A person in the workplace is behaving in a more human way and doing their job. I suggest you stay close to this person and you will learn. This one has it different from the others. He is loved, respected and people perform the tasks he entrusts to them. This is the leader.

They are action orientedA good leader will show a dislike for excessive procrastination from the beginning. You’re in a bit of a rush to get things started. He is able to adopt this action-focused stance only because of the people around him. Know your goals and work with the people around you to build common ground and support.

They are oriented to influence: You know well that your position is important to the organization. He is ready to use his power to influence and make your suggestion work out. He would be ready for you to do your project and his superiors will clear the way for you. Distrust the labor authority.

They are people-oriented: The Leader knows well that a healthy team will create a healthy promotion. Create a participatory leadership style. Involve all members of your team in decision making. It allows you to carry out the decisions you have come up with together. People love it.

They are plan / process oriented: Once leaves the tasks to be done. It stays by setting deadlines and requesting follow-up meetings and getting more feedback and activated areas for improvement. He would appear orderly and systematic in his work.

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