Reasons to buy Hyundai i20

What will customers expect from a car? The answer will be good looks, better mileage, speed, comfort, safety, price, and personality matching. Keeping this in mind, Hyundai launched the ‘i20’ under its ‘i’ series, which now meets the requirements of the customers. Hyundai i20 is essentially a replacement for Hyundai Getz. i20 comes in 12 different versions with petrol and diesel engine options and 2 transmission options with 7 colors (Crystal White, Black Diamond, Sleek Silver, Silky Beige, Sparker Blue, Berry Red and Dark Gray Metallic).

Hyundai i20 is a luxury hatchback, in fact it is the best hatchback in India as compared to other cars in the same segments. It has enormous barrel, head and trunk space like a sedan. The exterior appearance of this machine is impressive, it has the influence of the European style, longitudinal lines and sharp curves throughout the car, with some crossing its front and rear doors on both sides. These designs can beautify any car. Features like 5-spoke alloy wheels, better aerodynamics give it an unsporty look.

The interior appearance of this car is quite decent and the quality of the upholstery is even better. Korean designers have given the i20 brown and beige with some black on the dash, it makes it more elegant. Power-adjustable mirrors can be opened or folded at the touch of a button, even when the key is not inserted, and multi-function buttons on the steering wheel work without the key being turned to the “on” position, these features are hard to get into in hatchbacks.

To slow down it is a little paradise, it can go up to 100kph in 12.6 seconds, it shows the power of the 1.4 liter engine, this machine also comes with 6 speed transmission for better torque. The i20’s CRDi engine is loud, and the strong boost from the turbo at around 1800 rpm will put a wide smile on your face. The turbocharger itself does not interfere with the typical high-pitched whine characteristic of turbos. So, in general, for a small family, it is quite a comfortable and adequate car. Hyundai i20 made traveling within the city so easy. For daily purposes like shopping, going to the office is easy and convenient. If you are staying in cities with traffic jams like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. then the automatic option is the best for your usual handling.

Last but not least, the reason to buy the Hyundai i20 is its 5 star safety features, it comes with 6 airbags and ABS to save your life in the event of a collision. Definitely for the price you have to pay it, a little expensive but it’s worth having it. Complete value for money car.

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