Owning a discarded used car

The wrong notion

In the past, people thought of used cars as heaps of junk looking for a place to rest in peace. For them, a used car meant a car that suffered so much abuse that it is no longer fit to get back on the road.

Reality check

One type of clever marketing sought to change the image of used cars by calling them “used.” The change made it easier to sell cars, as dealerships were now selling someone else’s treasure and not someone else’s problem. Since then, the used car market in the US has grown to a considerable amount, occupying more than 35% of the market share.

Approved by Certified Used Cars

If you are thinking of buying a used car, always look for a certified one. Used cars are sold with the original manufacturer’s warranty. You heard it right. Manufacturer-certified car programs are now very popular and can be found at many used car dealerships.

Certified used cars help you get lower loan rates, loan cars during repairs, roadside assistance, absolutely free maintenance, and transportation services as well.

The most significant benefit of a Certified Pre-Owned is the comprehensive long-term warranty that comes at a low cost and helps you save hundreds of dollars on your vehicle each year.

When looking for a certified used car, be sure to find a local dealership that has a wide collection of authentic certified used cars.

The Ultimate Driving Machine – BMW

For more than 75 years, what BMW has offered is unmatched in the world of driving. Power, performance, style and timeless design are the ingredients that make up every BMW. The proud tradition at BMW continues and they have now created Certified Series®. This is only available at BMW Retailers.

Things you take home with a used BMW


BMW offers a 3-day / 300km trade-in benefit for every car they sell. You just have to choose the vehicle that you like the most and, if after a few days you are not satisfied with it, you can change it for another.


It is the foundation of everything BMW stands for. They have a comprehensive 360 ​​degree reconditioning and reconditioning process. Only vehicles that pass this test with the highest score qualify for Certified Series®. All used BMW vehicles undergo exactly the same quality controls as new BMWs.


When you hit the road in a quality Certified Series® vehicle, you drive with the added benefit of an exclusive BMW Protection Plan. For the first six years (or 160,000 km, whichever comes first), you will be covered by a Protection Plan that has the best coverage.


To protect you against any unforeseen events on the road, the BMW Certified Series® offers you a 24/7 roadside assistance package.

Get underway

There are many used cars on Long Island. So the time to realize your dream of owning a BMW is now. Get on this ultimate driving machine and enjoy the best driving experience.

So brace yourself … and BMW.>

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