Nokia N97 – The perfect icing on the cake

When it comes to mobile phones, people are hesitant to compromise on any price. This mentality of the people always forces mobile manufacturers to offer something innovative on a regular basis. In this sense, Nokia plays with the changing attitudes of the people.

In fact, this brand is very responsible for setting new trends in society. Their latest offering to the mobile community was the N-series models. Almost all the models in this genre were Ripple creators from launch day. Previously, this company offered the Nokia N96 to the people which gained much appreciation from the mobile phone users all over the world. In fact, the N-series models easily became trendsetters. However, as discussed above, people don’t keep themselves busy with anything for very long. They are ruled by insatiable appetite and matching their high-end tastes is no cakewalk either. But yes, Nokia knows how to play with this problem and also be the score winner at the same time. This time, he designed a class-apart device that steadily gained momentum among users. This gadget was launched under the name of Nokia N97. This device review became the top news of most mobile related sites online due to various reasons.

Actually, the specs this phone comes loaded with are just amazing. Reading the Nokia N97 review, most people assume that it is a rumor with the help of which Nokia is trying to create unrivaled standards in the market. But interestingly, this company removed all these speculations and accusations in order to maintain reliability and trust factor. Therefore, it launched the Nokia N97 mobile phone packed with many features to stand its ground against all odds. This mobile phone elegantly boasts of such specifications as a 5-megapixel camera, WAP browser, numerous connectivity options, built-in GPS navigation features, and an attractive media player, etc.

Therefore, this phone has balanced entertainment and communication features brilliantly. More importantly, the flawless battery of this device has the potential to offer you long hours of talk time i.e. 4 hours 40 minutes and 430 hours of standby time.

Nokia has also brilliantly focused on the design part of this device. The sophisticated design of this device, complemented by the full QWERTY keyboard, brilliantly balances intelligence and elegance at ease.

In addition, the automatic rotation accelerometer sensor would allow you to access the functionalities of this terminal from any direction. Actually, this option is intuitive in nature and can surprisingly detect the address of the phone. Right after detecting the address of the mobile phone, this advanced option eventually changes the screen automatically. The 32 GB internal memory of this Nokia N97 mobile phone is quite obvious. But, yes, it is a fact, this phone comes with a large storage capacity. This gigantic storage capacity would never let you worry about storage limitations.

The 5 megapixel camera is another important feature of this mobile phone which has been supplemented with features like Carl Zeiss optics and auto focus etc. With this camera phone, you can even enjoy the video recording capabilities without strain and that too at a speed of 30 frames per second. Also, if you are interested in live interaction, the additional secondary video call camera would serve its purpose efficiently. This high-tech option would allow you to comfortably observe the expressions of the interested person you are interacting with. Last but not least, the GPS navigation feature of this phone would enable you to be the best guide of yourself as with the support of this feature, you can conveniently track your preferred location with ease.

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