Is preschool important?

Some people think that preschool for their young children is a must. Others think that they themselves can give their children all the skills they need before they start kindergarten. Parents who have time can teach their children the basics and if you have friends with children of the same age, you can organize playdates so that the children can get together socially and learn all those much needed social skills. But what if you don’t have the time or the friends with kids the same age?

Going to preschool is no longer just about playing and singing nursery rhymes, it is about academics and often play-based learning that allows your child to grow and learn in a safe and nurturing environment. They prepare children for school by teaching them simple math and literacy skills, the names of shapes, colors, and the letters of the alphabet, and they enable them to learn with hands-on activities that are thoroughly researched and tested to be safe and school-appropriate. age of your students.

It is a structured and organized place that encourages social interaction, cooperation and sharing, and it is also a place that allows even the youngest children to make decisions and learn to help themselves, all to promote independence and a ” I can do it!” attitude.

Preschool programs encourage curiosity and allow imaginations to run wild, all within the safe confines of the school program. Teachers encourage children to play together and learn new skills and for many children, this is the first time they have had teachers other than their parents or grandparents to help them.

The programs also encourage the growth and development of gross and fine motor skills, and work with children to develop hand-eye coordination and balance, all necessary to become strong and learn well in elementary school and beyond.

Children are like sponges, they absorb anything as they are very curious about their world. Once they get that inspiration and confidence to go out and explore, there’s nothing stopping them. So is preschool right for you, little one? Only you know the answer to that, but there’s plenty of research to back up allowing your toddler to attend before kindergarten starts, just to gain the necessary skills before ‘real learning’ and the path if school starts.

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