Gas siphon – a blast from the past is returning!

High gas prices are causing everyone pain at the pump, but how would you feel if you just put $ 80 in the family SUV, parked it in the driveway, and the next morning your tank was on again? Yes, the gas siphon people, a phenomenon from the ’70s, are making a big comeback again. Gas thieves make their way through neighborhoods, pump gas and guess what; it is very possible that they will arrive in your neighborhood tonight. You are ready? If you are not prepared, you should read the tips below and learn how to be prepared if gas thieves attack your neighborhood.

o Gas thieves love SUVs because they have large tanks and because they are high off the ground, making the gas tank more accessible. They love to find them in dark and lonely areas.

o Time to clean up the clutter from the garage and start parking there; Out of sight, out of mind.

o If you must park on the street at night, park on a busy street so gas thieves are deterred by passing traffic. Keep the gas cap visible; don’t let the trees and bushes hide it.

o Gas thieves notice when a car hasn’t moved in a couple of days, this will make your vehicle a target for them.

o If you don’t have a sealable gas cap, it’s time to buy one. When buying a gas cap, remember that you get what you pay for. Stay away from cheap ones; These are easier to penetrate and could cause long-term problems.

o If you see any suspicious activity around your vehicle, notify the police immediately. Better safe than sorry.

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