Fun in the pool

If you have a backyard pool, there is a lot to get excited about during the summer months. You can relax by the pool, invite friends, throw parties, hang out with the family, and enjoy the warm weather before fall and winter rolls around. Of course, having a pool means you have cool toys and accessories to make the experience even more exciting, and if not, why not?

Pool floats are probably one of the most popular pool items you can have. You can go from basic flutterboards to large adult seats and of course there is always the pool! What can’t you do with a pool noodle? They are ideal for riding, playing fight, tossing each other, and rocking up and down in the water.

Floats come in all shapes and sizes and have cool things like cup holders and places to store snacks or accessories to spray water so the fun never stops. They come with umbrellas for the little ones, with room for the adults and even big enough to fit you and your honey side by side. Want one in the shape of a donut or a unicorn? They have you covered!

Slides and diving boards are great additions to your inground pool, but what about a climbing wall? If you fall, you are in the pool, and if you choose to jump, you are in the pool. It is a mutual benefit for all. They’re also great for exercising and just add something different to the pool idea.

Don’t you like vacuuming the pool? Fear not, there are robotic vacuums that just do their job day after day without any push from humans. What will they think next?

You can also play volleyball nets, floating basketball nets and all kinds of sports while enjoying the pool. And don’t forget toys that are made especially for sinking so you and your family can practice your diving skills.

With so much to do to make the backyard pool ‘the’ place to be this summer, it will be hard to get the kids out! Just put on the sunscreen, snacks, and bottled water and your backyard party will be a sensation all summer long!

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