Flat Front Cabinets – Perfect for the Modern Kitchen

The style of the cabinet door used in your kitchen is by far the most important design feature. The style and color of the door sets the tone for the space and provides the backdrop to the unique elements that make one kitchen different from the next. Cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and appliance panels create the core of the kitchen’s visual appearance. With all the options for door shape and style, color and finish, and the added details, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. To help you stay on track, we’ve outlined three key points to consider when selecting the cabinet doors to suit you, your home, and your needs.

Door style

There are three general types of doors to consider:

• Raised panel

• Recessed panel

• Slab or flat panel

The unique character of each style lends itself to different design directions, but it can also be adapted to whatever style one seeks in its own way. In 2016, there are not too many rules for decorating the kitchen.

Raised panel doors

Raised panel doors have been around for centuries. They are characterized by the fact that the middle section rises and makes a groove in the middle of the frame and the central panel. A light rectangle is created through that slot and helps define each panel of each door. The shadows and lights that come out of the cabinets give a feeling of depth. Many prefer this traditional style or the American colonial era.

Recessed panel doors

Shaker style doors or recessed panels are truly timeless. Dating back to the 1700s, they feature a simple raised frame and are very popular today. Whether traditional or contemporary in style, kitchens benefit greatly from the simple design of recessed panel doors. The best part is that if the homeowner decides to change the style, they can easily do so with Shaker cabinets.

Slab doors

No frames or details visible on tile cabinet doors in kitchen. They are becoming more and more common when it comes to modern design. Anyone who wants a clean, contemporary design can’t go wrong with tile cabinets. Combining them with fancy hardware makes them even more attractive. Since minimalist styles are all the rage, tile cabinet doors are the best option for many.

Color and finish

Whether stained or painted, everyone will find that the type of wood for their kitchen cabinets has its own character and can take a kitchen from simple to fabulous.

Choose from:

• Maple

• Pine tree

• Cherry

• Walnut

The colors within the wood finish add depth, and whether they are plain stained or painted, they will stand out in their own way. Look for MDF or the medium density fingerboard is best to paint for a uniform color; but the stain can work with the natural grain to show its true characteristics. Regardless, there is a type for every desire and budget.

Consider the details

Adding details is a fun process after choosing your finish and style. Decorative inserts that include glass and millions are a fun way to change them up. Some even consider rattan, various woods, metals, and veneers. Even the moldings and trim can be disguised to personalize them and make them even more striking.

Whether you choose mixer doors, raised panels, recessed panels, or tile style, they will be delighted with the results that can work perfectly with any décor when implemented correctly.

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