Enjoy the Perfeces of Texas With Delta8 Tea

Texas With Delta8 Tea

THC Edibles is very proud to introduce the new Delta 8™: series of high-quality, award-winning edibles. These edibles contain a selection of the most popular and effective strains of marijuana, including the famous Delta 9 and Harlequin strain, favorites among enthusiasts around the globe. The new deluxe edibles, however, go above and beyond what consumers expect from high-grade, high THC cannabis. They feature the full benefits of our original Delta Series, while retaining the delicious, smooth taste of our award-winning original strains.

delta 8 thc edibles

Our new deluxe Edibles Texas are infused with amazing-tasting terpinen-4-ol, a key ingredient in our award-winning original strain. This ingredient gives our Texas strains a subtle, earthy flavor that perfectly complements the terpinen-4-ol. The new sweet and sour blend offers a tart, tangy taste that goes great with quesadillas and tamales. Both sweet and sour varieties are available in a variety of strains, which allows you a wider range of choices when cooking for your friends and family.

In addition to our popular Sweet Caramel and Banana strains, the new deluxe edibles Texas feature two sweet-smelling sweet potatoes, as well as an impressive selection of three different harvest kinds. Each harvest has its own mesmerizing scent and sweet, aromatic flavor. You can choose between the exotic and traditional sweet potatoes to compliment any of our many recipes, or use the sweet potatoes to cook a sweet treat that’s sure to please.

Enjoy the Perfeces of Texas With Delta8 Tea

The Delta Series also features our award-winning Harlequin strain, a cross between a robust German strain and a Thai version. Like our Thai strains, this cross was created using a cross between two strains with very contrasting attributes, yet amazingly sweet and balanced. The Harlequin is incredibly balanced, combining a tart flavor with a mild, grassy flavor. This is a wonderful example of how a sweet flavor can be incorporated into a Thai-style dish without overwhelming the delicate balance of spices.

Our California-based chef, Victoria Czaia, created a delicious Vietnamese-style soup with our Vietnamese Salt and Pepper Shrimp blend, as well as our award winning Flowering Tea strain. This sweet, fragrant tea combines fragrant flower buds with a light, floral aroma and a medium heat to prepare a delightful summertime drink. It pairs well with Vietnamese spring rolls and roasted pork, as well as being a wonderful compliment to our Ho Chi Minh Trail recipe for grilled fish.

Our award-winning Sweet Caramel Edibles Texas collection features three sweet caramel flavors: Chocolate Malt, Nutmeg Spice and Vanilla Caramel. The creamy caramel taste combines perfectly with our award winning Thai Golden Needle soup. This multi Flavored Tea offers a strong taste of cinnamon with a hint of nutmeg, and is accompanied by a delicious, lightly toasted note. The delicate florals are topped with a rich nutty sweetness that leaves a nice aftertaste. This tea set is a perfect companion to all of our delicious soups, stews, stir fries and desserts!

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