Electric Blue Crayfish Care

If you’re just getting into blue crayfish, you may have a few questions about electric blue crayfish care. I know I did when I started. So here are some tips that will hopefully make taking care of your blue boy (or girl) a little easier.

Create a comfortable habitat

Crayfish are, for the most part, one of the easiest aquatic pets to care for. They don’t need much, but you want them to be comfortable and make sure they live a long, healthy and comfortable life.

To help keep your little critter safe and cozy, you will of course need to provide it with the right habitat. Obviously, this is an essential piece of electric blue crayfish care.

Some people will tell you that it can live in a jar with some water or something a little crazy like that. However, if you want to enjoy your blue crayfish and, again, keep them healthy, I would suggest purchasing at least a 10 gallon aquarium and creating a habitat that is comfortable for your crayfish.

Just as a note, be sure to read up on how to set up your tank prior to you put your crayfish (or fish) in the tank. This will include “conditioning” and “cycling” the water; Which is the most crucial piece to mount any fish tank.

Get a hiding place for your crayfish

Crabs like to burrow and hide. I often find mine picking up rocks and carrying them to the middle of the tank to build their little hideout. However, make things a little easier for them and buy them a hide at any pet store and/or get some PVC pipe. Simply cut it into small pieces and add it to your aquarium. This will allow your crayfish to hide from any other crayfish or fish when they need to.

Also, crayfish do they need a place to hide when Many. This is because they become very soft and vulnerable to other fish and crayfish that will attack them. Therefore, providing a hiding place is another essential piece of electric blue crayfish care.

Choosing the Right Tankmates

Okay, go ahead and get this, crayfish. love eat fish So at some point they will catch and eat one or more of your fish. For this reason, you want to choose the right tank mates for your crayfish.

The perfect fish for your crayfish to live in will be the fish that swims to the top of the tank and/or the fish that is fast. Fish that live or swim near the bottom of the tank or fish that are slow will definitely become crayfish dinner at some point. With that being said, I suggest Redtail Sharks, Axefish, Tiger Barbs, and Danios as tankmates for your Electric Blue Crayfish.

Other crayfish can also make good tank mates depending on the size of the tank. However, crayfish are cannibalistic and sometimes attack and eat each other. Keep in mind that providing adequate hiding places and keeping crayfish fed can reduce the chances of this happening.

Feeding your crayfish

Of course, you will find that your crayfish loves to eat. And eating is, of course, an extremely important part of electric blue crab care. Heck, who doesn’t like to eat.

You’ll want to feed your creature a sinking wafer every day unless it eats a fish. If it eats a fish, that’s good… But you’ll probably want to run out and buy another fish.

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