Candida Diets: Why Yeast Extract Is Ok

When trying to control candida overgrowth, a yeast-free diet is always part of the plan. However, not all yeast is active, a yeast product that can be consumed in the diet is yeast extract, the processes used in its production make it benign.

Glutamic acids in yeast extracts are produced from an acid-base fermentation cycle, they are only found in some yeasts, generally those that are bred for use in baking, autolyzed yeast extract consists of cell concentrations of yeast that are left to die and break down, so that the yeast digestive enzymes break down their proteins into simpler compounds.

Therefore, the yeast in yeast extract is not active and has no importance in controlling candida overgrowth, this compound is actually used in a neutral solution as a growth medium for fungi and bacteria, which means that it does not It has activity left if it did, it would start to grow and make any experiment useless.

Unfortunately Vegemite lovers are still out of luck due to the malt extract it contains feeds candida, but the ingredients section on similar products is worth checking out, some other yeast products are fine on a candida diet certain breads and cookies , doing the candida diet. The easier and more achievable, especially for families, the more people can get the best possible results. For more information, see candidahouse.

I have treated candida overgrowth with an achievable diet, live, homeopathic bacteria, for over 10 years getting long-term results, not requiring a long-term diet, an e-book is available.

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